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Laforet Art Gallery

Galerie Laforet is back, new and improved!

For 20 years I had the pleasure of welcoming art-lovers to my “traditional” Martigny and Verbier galleries; the new beginning signals a more open and free moving style allowing me to promote and present a larger spectrum of artistic discovery.

To anyone wishing to take the time to calmly choose the art piece of your desires, perfectly adapted to your settings, you are gladly welcomed as of now to my new showroom in Sarreyer.

From figurative to abstract, uncluttered to highly colourful, Laforet Art Gallery offers a large art collection and a diverse choice of magnificent pieces. Whether Poetic, lyric or gestural, art in its splendour lives and arouses emotion.
You will find a wide range of techniques, such as drawing, watercolour, pastel, oil, and acrylic, as well as pure and industrial materials and mediums, such as paper, canvas, wood, metal, polyurethane, and glass. All these are used by the artists in their constant search for new artistic expressions.

Attentive to visitors and dedicated to her clients’ desires and aspirations, Silvia Weibel welcomes you to Laforet Art Gallery in Sarreyer and looks forward to finding solutions for your needs and requirements.

Aiming for constant artistic evolution, I offer a wide selection of exclusive services responding to your specific needs and I am personally committed to selecting for you certified works of art, that resonate with your personality, enrich your life, and illuminate your personal spaces, be it a working environment or your home.

  • Organising exhibitions or events with contemporary artists in public and private spaces.
  • Personalized consultancy on outdoor and interior design.
  • Acquisition services for your specific art requests - helping you find the artwork you long for.

1948 Sarreyer, rte de la Crête 47
Phone +41 (0) 27 771 87 00 • Cellphone +41 (0) 79 310 08 79
info@galerielaforet.com • info@homestagingverbier.com